This is the only church in Old Goa,which is not plastered on the outside,the lime plaster having been stripped off by a zealous Portuguese conservationist in 1950.Located at Old Goa,10 Km east of Panaji,the Bom Jesus Basilica is a World Heritage Monument. This magnificent edifice stands as a superb example of Baroque architecture in Goa.The church is called"Bom Jesus"meaning 'good Jesus' or'infant Jesus'to whom it is dedicated.The façade has on it,at the top,the letters,"HIS" which are the first three letters of Jesus in Greek. The imposing facade built out of black granite in an exquisite combination of the Doric, Corinthian and composite styles,is remarkable for its simplicity.It measures 183 ft in length,55 ft in breath,and 61 ft in height.The main altar is 54 ft high and 30 ft broad.The pillars and detail are carved from basalt which was brought from Bassein, some 300 kms away.The interior of the church is built in Mosaico-Corinthian style and is remarkable for its charming simplicity.