The ultimate attraction of the Shivalik range is the small hamlet of Chamba, famous for the temples of Shiva since several centuries. The architectural styles of these temples have great influence on the minds of the travelers. A seat of the erstwhile rulers of the state, Chamba is a historical site in Himachal.

Chamba is bounded on north-west by Jammu and Kashmir, on the north-east and east by Ladakh area of Jammu and Kashmir state and Lahaul and Bara-Bangal area of Himachal Pradesh, on the south-east and south by the District Kangra of Himachal Pradesh and Gurdaspur District of the Punjab.

The Chamba District is situated between north latitude 32° 11' 30" and 33° 13' 6" and east longitude 75°49 and 77° 3' 30", with an estimated area of 6528 square Kilometers and is surrounded on all sides by lofty hill ranges. The territory is wholly mountainous with altitude ranging from 2,000 to 21,000 feet.